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Canada, the second-largest country in the world, offers a wealth of breathtaking scenery and intriguing landmarks for tourists to discover. Its indigenous people, maritime culture, mountainous terrain, and French past highlight the different facets of the nation. Canada is home to stunning natural beauties as well as thriving cities with a diverse cultural heritage. From mountains and glaciers to remote lakes and woods, Canada’s natural beauty is unmatched practically anywhere in the world. But it’s not simply the outdoors that make Canada so alluring. Cities in Canada are cosmopolitan, secure, warm, and multiethnic. In fact, Canada is frequently praised as one of the most habitable nations in the world for there are many contemporary, diverse cities, each with an own identity.

  • Capital : Ottawa
  • Official Language : English, French
  • Population : 38.01 million (2020)
  • Total Area : 9,984,670 km2
  • Time Zone: GMT-4
  • GDP : 1.643 trillion USD (2020)
  • Currency : Canadian Dollar
  • Exchange Rate : 1 USD = 1.29 CAD
  • Per Capita : USD $52,051 (2021)
  • Visa Free: 188

Why Choose Canada?

Being a Canadian Citizen mean you benefit from all the best things:
  • Multicultural society superior standard of education, economic and cultural hub
  • Powerful passport - Visa-Waiver to 187+ countries
  • Free movement - live, Work and Study
  • Free medical coverage
  • Non-discrimination
  • Free education
  • Voting and being candidate rights

Residency Program

Start-up Visa Program

The Startup Visa Program offers permanent residence to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. Candidates can initially come to Canada on a work permit supported by their designated Canadian investor, before qualifying for permanent residence once their business is up and running.

Interested innovators/entrepreneurs must have a qualifying business to be eligible for startup visa program in Canada. Not more that five applicants in one startup may apply and each must have 10% or more shares of the corporation. The business/idea must be able to obtain a letter of support or a commitment certificate from an angel investor, start up incubator or a venture capitalist. This indicates that your business idea is viable and has been able to obtain support from a reputed Canadian firm.

With Venture Capitalists, the required minimum commitment of funding to your startup is $200,000 and with designated angel investors in Canada, the minimum financial commitment that a startup must get is $75,000 or greater. With incubator, there is no minimum commitment to invest but the startup needs to be accepted by one of the accredited incubators in Canada. The applicants don’t require investing any of their own assets for that matter. Along with investment commitments from the bodies mentioned above, one has to show sufficient personal funds to support himself after arriving in Canada. The funds the applicant shows will depend upon the number of people applying along with him.

Other Requirements :-

  • Fluency in English or French (listening, reading, writing & speaking). The minimum CLB required is 5.
  • The education requirement for the applicant should be 2+ years of post-secondary education but it is not mandatory
  • Applicants are also subject to criminal record checks (a non-expired police clearance certificate has to be provided) and they should also be medically admissible.

Provincial Nomination

Another campaign for immigrants wishing to change their lifestyle to the colors of Canada is the Province Nomination Program (PNPs). It gives people who want to migrate to a particular Canadian province or region a roadmap to permanent residence in Canada. Each province and territory runs its own PNP to fulfill their socio-economic and demographic requirements.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Invitations for nominees to the PNP are increased annually by the Canadian federal government. These projects are Canada’s fastest-growing path to economic immigration. PNPs are a common choice for refugees, since they can be the quickest path to a permanent residency in Canada.

The province will appoint a successful PNP applicant to make an appeal to the federal government for permanent residence. Thus, phase one in a two-part procedure is a regional nomination, at the regional level an interested immigrant is accepted for federal level. After the federal level, the application process further shifts to the provincial level, with 80 different PNP programs in each of the 13 provinces.


  • Quick processing of application.
  • Provides a chance to qualify for a permanent residency

Provincial Nomination Program Requirements

To apply for Provincial Nominee Program, you must:

  • Meet the minimum requirements of one of the province or territory’s non-Express Entry streams
  • Be nominated under that stream

Procedures & duration:

In the very first stage, you must decide where you want to live in Canada. After applying for your desired province they will review your application on the basis of their immigration needs. After a province or territory nominates you, you must apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence for assessment of your application based on the Canadian immigration law.

Self Employed Work Permit - C11

The C11 visa is LMIA exempted & is an alternative to the Intracompany transferee program (can be for applicants whose business doesn’t qualify for the ICT program). It is an option for people who have unique businesses or have specialized knowledge.

C11 Work Permit

The main objective of this program is to demonstrate that their business or intended business in Canada would generate significant economic, social or cultural benefit or opportunities for the country’s citizens or residents. There has to be a proper strategy in place to show the demand of their product or service, which place will the business operated from, how many people will be hired, revenue generated, etc. Earlier sportsmen, artists, scientists, and musicians were using this program but now it is high in demand for any businessman/entrepreneur with unique ideas or knowledge, who can pass on significant economic benefit and make a decent amount of investment.


To start with your application we would require your complete business profile and any proof that is enough to show that your business is unique or you have specialized knowledge of a product or service. A personal profile consisting of education credentials, details of spouse & dependents, employment status, etc. A professional business plan also needs to be in place which our team can help you with The applicant may get a one or two-year work permit, which can be applied again once it expires. The spouse can accompany on an open work permit and dependent children can continue their education in Canada. After a year of successfully operating the proposed business in Canada, the applicant may become eligible to apply for permanent residency.