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It is a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery, from the majestic, dramatic mountains to the endless shimmering beaches that border its coastlines. a nation with broad appeal. Spain has numerous historic buildings, Moorish palaces, lavish gardens, cutting-edge architectural wonders, majestic mountain ranges, a rich culture, and mouthwatering cuisines. Whether it’s the historical spectacular, breathtaking landscape, profusion of colorful festivals, or the lovely, outgoing people, this place is absolutely captivating. With its low cost of living and great quality of life, Spain is one of the best countris in the world to settle in.

  • Capital : Rome
  • Official Language : Italian
  • Population : 59.55 million (2020)
  • Total Area : 301,340 km2
  • Economy: Services and manufacturing
  • GDP : 1.886 trillion USD (2020)
  • Currency : Euro
  • Exchange Rate : 1 USD = 0.9794 EUR
  • Per Capita : USD $35,551 (2021)
  • Visa Free: 193


  • The right to live, work, and study in Italy
  • Visa-free access worldwide including Europe’s Schengen Area
  • Residence in a country with a rich culture, attractive industries, & major global cities
  • Access to excellent medical care and education facilities
  • Citizenship may be available after 10 years of residence (under special conditions)

Investment Options

To qualify for residence status in Italy, applicants can choose to invest in either of the following two program options:

Investor Visa Program

  • A minimum of EUR 2 million in Italian government bonds
  • A minimum of EUR 500,000 in Italian shares (reduced to EUR 250,000 if investing in innovative start-ups)
  • A minimum of EUR 1 million in projects of public interest in Italy, such as culture, education, ecology, immigration management, research and development, arts, and heritage. This is a non- refundable donation.

The investment needs to be maintained during the validity of the visa. A spouse, children, and dependent parents of the main applicant may also request a visa without additional investment.

Elective Residence Program

A further qualifying option, the Elective Residence Program is suitable for individuals who can prove their stable annual income at a certain quantity from abroad.

Procedure & Time Frame

The processing time takes between three to four months.

The visa is granted for two years and is renewable for a further three-year period, provided that the investment is maintained. It is expected that the process of obtaining the visa will take 90–120 days from the date of application. The investment must be made within three months of entry into the country.

To obtain the visa under the Investor Visa Program, investors must purchase or rent residential real estate in Italy following approval. Under the Elective Residence Program, applicants must demonstrate a stable income and have residential real estate following approval. Permanent residence is possible after five years, provided the investor has relocated to Italy.

There is no minimum number of days of physical presence in Italy required.